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I have no words or pronouns to describe me adequately within the white construct of gender, which is okay with me. It was a temple of shame. Key Facts 8 important things to know about your first period. The fateful afternoon when Layla, one of the bullies, locked me in a classroom and said she would only let me out if I told her where I get my eyebrows done. I was, of course, the only person of colour. An extended, very involved joke, where the punchline was choosing to spend time with men.

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I wanted to be a boy from a young age.

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My gender is not neutral, my gender is brown, and hairy, and lesbian

Testosterone is a hormone that helps promote male secondary sexual characteristics—think muscle tone, body hair—while estrogen is a hormone that generally helps promote female secondary sexual characteristics—like enlarged breasts or wide hips. From pre-adolescence through to adolescence, my friends around me started to do all the things expected of teenage girls — rolling up skirts, experimenting with make-up and dating. White colonialism imposed gender and race onto its subjects in the age of Empire and it continues to do so today. This silence would be punctured rarely and magnificently; that PE lesson in when Halima rolled her tracksuit bottoms to the knee, revealing a single, shining, hairless leg that we all took turns to feel in the queue for the hobby horse. I think I had been careful up to this point to never label myself as cis.

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