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If you don't get caught it's fine because you won't get punished. Then there was the matter of both girls in a state of undress, fondling each other intimately. Please do not turn this thread into a spanking vs anti-spanking debate. I think that it is time to find other forms of punishment, grounding and such. I apologise if this goes against the principle of some non-spankers here on the boards, but I will repeat I only spank becuase I love her and want her to do good and I always end a spanking with a hug so she knows the slate has been wiped clean. But we all have to use what works for each child. THat sums it up for me.

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You will need to register to be able to join in fellowship with Christians all over the world.

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Bare bottom spanking 2

When aunt Elizabeth comes into the room, Rachel is rude and ignores her. Do you spank your child's bare bottom? We never use a hand, because that associates pain with Mommy or Daddy. Do vampires represent loss of power, wealth, and other things? Toddlers get it on the leg because they'd feel nothing through the diaper anyway.

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  1. How does Riley still keep going this long in porn? She still has same passion and energy.

  2. softcore, seriously? and BAD softcore at that? what is this, a late night 90s cable channel? kudos for the uploader, but damn... shame on you, sophie dee.