Easiest position to break your virginity

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But statistics are of little importance: The three of us read this before sex, and they really made me feel special and comfortable. TS Tshiamo Seromo Feb 3, There's discomfort, because your vagina is not used to stretching to accommodate a penis yet. It doesn't "break", but it can be damaged by anything from tampons, doing the splits, or when having sex or inserting larger objects in, which causes the pain most virgins feel.

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YK Yogesh Kumar Jul 22,

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Top 7 Sex Positions for Beginners

First time sex is generally easiest in the missionary position you lying on your back, him on top of you since penetration is more natural in this position and his penis will find its way into your vagina more easily. A good partner should be considerate of your feelings and willing to help you through the process. If you are going to have sex, the best way to prevent pregnancy is to start taking the pill or Depo shot at least a month or two before you have sex, AND use a condom as well every time. I was on top when I lost mine, and it really hurt like hell I'm an older teen and a virgin, and I want to lose it fast because my friends been lost theirs when they were younger than me. Knowing what goes where, what's normal, and what to expect can help ease your anxiety. Once penetration takes place, you are having sex and are no longer a virgin.

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easiest position to break your virginity
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easiest position to break your virginity
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