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For other uses, see Salt lick disambiguation. Dead Sea salt comes from the Dead Sea, which is not technically a sea but actually salt lake, situated between Israel and Jordan. Common table salts are over 99 percent sodium chloride with added ingredients to prevent caking and in some cases iodine. Salt poisoning can also occur if livestock consume excessively saline water. It is important to recognise and report signs of these diseases to a veterinarian quickly so that disease spread and potential impacts on trade, your industry and your community can be minimised. Some horses are better served by iodized salt.

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Apparently salt blocks were originally designed for use with cattle, who are blessed with extremely rough tongues.

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Preventing salt poisoning of livestock

Sustainability is not a major concern when it comes to salt, as it is never really destroyed. The area around Boone's Salt Spring was eventually settled by James Young who opened a salt mining business. This occurs less commonly as livestock become accustomed to gradual variations in water salinity and will often refuse to drink excessively saline water. Friday, 21 September - Media Images Daniel Boone: How to avoid poisoning of livestock by blue-green algae. On the first day as Audhumla licked, Buri's hair appeared from the ice, on the second day his head and on the third his body.

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salt water salt lick
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salt water salt lick
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