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Yet, oddly enough, the origins of feminism can be traced back to the abolitionist movement. With the onset of this change of life cycle in boys, their bodies begin producing testosterone. I thank them both for helping me through getting started per say. I want to know what kind of misbehavior did you commit that made him discipline you. I just read an article about how commonly accepted it was to spank grown women for misbehaving. Not only that, but the husbands they choose tend to be closer to their own age than any other time since demographic record keeping began. However, even today, once a couple can look beyond the social taboos and get past any initial awkwardness, spanking becomes surprisingly natural.

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Maybe I should start a survey….

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Im one of those that dont take kindly to being told anything. I dont understand how one spanking could begin to change so much. In other words — every perceived or actual injustice is encouraged to be confronted no matter where it is or how it occurs. We had many arguments but never as long. We husbands are supposed to be the leaders.

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husbands that spank
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husbands that spank
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