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Overall, "Enigma Rosso" is recommendable enough to my fellow Giallo-fans, but it is by no means a must-see. He receives decent backup from a trio of teenage actresses, as well as child star Fauta Avelli, who has worked with the likes of Lucio Fulci and Dario Argento in the past. What Have They Done To Our Daughters" of is not quite as brilliant a film it is nonetheless a great mixture of Giallo and Poliziottesco that no fan of Italian genre cinema could afford to miss. The picture quality is decent in terms of sharpness, grain, color, etc. Marginally better than average giallo centres on an exclusive girl's school where the studies include mass orgies, gory retributions and murder. It's just talky and subdued, culminating in a ridiculous death.

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Then, there are a few more strange events that lead up to a conclusion that leaves you uttering one single word: Basically, it goes on with him questioning Angelo's friends and family and finding strange clues, such as a diary, a strange cat sketch, a lot of money, as well as many secrets kept hidden by Angelo's friends, a bunch of slutty schoolgirls named Franca, Paola, and Virginia, who call themselves the inseparables. But it sure beats a full-screen transfer of a 2. Still, the identity of the corrupt official exposed by the investigation there's always one but, this time, he also doubles as the killer! But I must say that I watched it on a bad copy with a very bad sound and washed out colors, maybe that's also a reason why I don't love it.

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school girls in peril
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school girls in peril
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