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Many women out there believe the false statement that all guys like dumb women who they can control. Got an awful tear! Usually happens to men, but women are not immune to this. She did not seek medical attention but a photograph of her bruised thigh was shown to the court. She could not get him off her, said no and began to cough, and he let her go - but laughed as if it was a joke.

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But Price, 24, was found guilty and placed on a month community order under which he must carry out 40 hours unpaid work. One man wrote, "Secretly? At least we can rest in peace knowing that the girl was well taken care of if she got sick. Just like we've learned from this testimony from a guy named Wayne. Which of these came as a surprise to you? Bite it right off. Wimpy walked through an alley full of strays in hopes the biter would let go and play with the other dogs, only for those other dogs to start biting too!

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