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I'm not sure if he could come through his suit pants but he'd come regardless. Why are you even asking that. Though many guys still require more direct stimulation to finish, so I wouldn't take it as a bad sign if he doesn't without skin-to-skin contact. I am totally inexperienced but have started doing it. I was surprised becuse it's not like I was trying hard plus he wasn't naked.

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With his pants undone, almost certainly.

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How to grad/rub a guys penis through pants or underwear?

Can girls see a guys penis through his pants? I am totally inexperienced but have started doing it. If you're getting him excited enough, his equipment should be quite easy to find. I'm sorry to say that's not all that difficult, but its still good. I'm sure if you'd kept going long enough, it's likely that he MAY have finished in his pants if he was that turned on.

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rubbing penis thru pants
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rubbing penis thru pants
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