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The music sounded like a sequenced sampled orchestra as it is all orchestral-style music. The size of the crew is smaller than even a non-union independent scripted film though. Yes, my password is: The actor playing Spock is British and sometimes you hear his accent and sometimes you don't. Watching this 'making of' video kind of ruins the fantasy of the recreation of the Enterprise bridge, transporter room, sickbay sets though since you really do see a lot including the director blocking out a scene. On the downside though with part of Hustler Video's product being porno the actors have a limited ceiling on appearing in those scenes although could appear in future films without full nudity down the road

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What a fantastic world we live in!

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‘This Ain’t Star Trek XXX’ film

Cheap HD Unlike TOS which was shot on 35mm film which they controlled the depth of field with 35mm lenses and then transferred to high end specs HD tape. I did not notice ANY soft filtration on any of the actresses closeups but they should have used some as a nod to TOS closeups. The sets are in storage as the director said they were going to do at least one sequel. Apr 30, Location: Their quest leads to an ancient alien mystery…. Log in or Sign up.

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hustler star trec movie
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