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We kept poking our pretend titties out while we flounced around the den. Mama and Daddy never caught me, but Josh saw me one time. If you'd listen to us half as much as you listen to Mrs. Josh had come in from whatever smelly place he'd been, and he was just staring at Barbie. I reckon they had grown a little bit.

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I figured Mama had a fresh box in the pantry.

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Sex Ed With Barbie and GI Joe

I was only 10—too young to be thinking about boys, sex and chastity, a real important and mysterious word they talked about in church all the time. But the answer is a relief. That wouldn't be good enough. Our legs made a funny sound because they were stuck to the couch. I'd wrap my towel around me good and tight, making sure all my girl parts were covered, then I'd run down the hall to my room.

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