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This tribe strongly believes that the vitality of machismo and the real power of man lies in the semen of an elder. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In rural areas like Mulanje, these traditions are as weighty as they are enduring. Blood Beverage The Maasai community in Kenya and Tanzania is amongst the most hospitable communities. This and other not less shocking traditions will be highlighted in our article below.

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If you followed that link, then you read that President Moi was challenged by a group of elders on the matter and when he visited the district, he ignored the matter completely.

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13 Shocking Sexual Traditions From Around The World

The practitioners' use of shared instruments is thought to aid the transmission of hepatitis Bhepatitis C and HIValthough no epidemiological studies have shown this. African Journal of Urology. Also, as told in the National Geographic documentary Multiple Husbandsthis arrangement works best when the wife is adept at "scheduling" time with each brother. In Bali, Indonesia, it is a tradition for young boys and girls to file their upper canines. They get naked and try the Chisamba dance, moving their bottoms to turn men on," the organizer explains without any hint of embarrassment.

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