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That means going beyond just the basics of normative sexiness. Having a tagging system would also make it easier to point out how much of the mod community focuses on sexualizing female characters, and how rare it is to see any alternative. Only the women get mods of this kind, with very rare exceptions none of which appear on these reference lists. That, in theory, is why mods exist. Seriously, do they know how painful that would be? There are a lot of great reasons to install fan-made modifications to the character models in Street Fighter. For male characters, many of them wear baggy pants or shirts, with very little detailing or polygons on their butts at all.

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Although the full scope of the mod community does include a lot of different types of desires, you have to really go digging for them.

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In researching mods for this piece, I managed to find some modders who added muscles to the female characters. As it stands now, the Street Fighter mod community simply serves as a representation of the larger problems in the rest of society, in terms of how the treatment of women differs—and that treatment gets reinforced by the game itself, in terms of the existing costume designs and the lack of body diversity. Yet I also realize the impossibility of my own request, because of the systemic problems at work. All of these mods get created within the same space and linked in the same community threads, with no tagging or system of demarcation. I also love the nostalgic mods that bring back old costumes from previous games.

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